Clapton Common Boys Club

Evaluation support for Clapton Common Boys Club

About Clapton Common Boys Club

Clapton Common Boys Club (CCBC) was founded in 2007 with the aim of ameliorating the effects of educational and social deprivation of disadvantaged children, young people and adults in the London boroughs of Hackney and Haringey. By providing stimulating and constructive activities during out-of-school hours and school holidays, it supports individuals to reach their full potential.

Why they needed A5cend

In 2014, the Big Lottery Fund awarded CCBC its first Reaching Communities grant for a 4-year project. This was the biggest grant that CCBC had received to date. Prior to this, it had been delivering smaller-scale projects and using relatively simple evaluation methods. In order to meet the requirements of its new Reaching Communities grant, CCBC needed to develop a more sophisticated evaluation framework, so it commissioned A5cend to independently evaluate the project.

The difference A5cend made

Over the project’s four years, A5cend helped to put in place effective processes and systems for measuring the project’s impact. A5cend then gathered and analysed the data and produced annual evaluation reports, culminating in a final end-of-project evaluation.

The Reaching Communities project was successfully delivered, and A5cend’s evaluation highlighted the positive impact that it had on local children and young people and their families. Being able to show evidence of the project’s impact in this way helped CCBC to demonstrate a strong track record, which in turn helped with making a case for future funding. The evaluation highlighted some useful learning, which CCBC was able to build on as it planned future projects and work.

Services delivered:

Policy review

Budgeting support

Fundraising strategy

Funding bids revenue and core

Funding bids capital development and feasibility

Fundraising training


“The reporting process was really well-organised, and the data was presented in a clear report. A5cend also understood some of the challenges of working within our community and worked around them, adopting their methodologies to suit our specific needs.”

“We were really happy with A5cend’s evaluation work. The service and support were excellent, the work was delivered on time and to a high quality, and A5cend staff were always available when we needed them.”

“Thanks to A5cend, our evaluation systems have just got better and better. We have also been able to use the monitoring systems that A5cend helped put in place for the Reaching Communities project for other projects too, so there has been a great knock-on effect.”

The ongoing support

A5cend worked closely with CCBC throughout the evaluation, helping CCBC staff to develop a better understanding of evaluation methodologies and become more confident at using these effectively. CCBC still gets help from A5cend with collating monitoring data and report, but now has its own internal evaluation systems in place, so is able to collect monitoring data in-house.

Clapton Commons Boys Club’s achievements

CCBC has gone from strength to strength. Its services have doubled in recent years to meet rising demand, with help another Reaching Communities grant, as well as grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Youth Investment Fund. In recognition of its excellent work, in June 2015 CCBC received the London Quality Assurance Mark (Gold), endorsed by the City Bridge Trust, and in June 2018 was awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.