London Play

London Play

Helping London Play to expand its reach

What do London Play do?

London Play provides a voice for play in London and strives for London’s children to have the best free play opportunities, near where they live. Working with local play providers, community groups, schools, politicians, decision makers, children and parents, it works to increase play opportunities for children in London.

Before A5cend

In 2009, London Play was awarded funding from the Big Lottery Fund to develop opportunities for children and young people to play out on their local streets.

The partnership and A5cend’s ongoing support

When that funding came to an end, London Play worked with A5cend to explore how best to sustain and build on the achievements of the street play work. A5cend helped London Play to develop and submit an application, which resulted in a 4-year Play Streets project.

Following the success of the first Play Street project, A5cend supported London Play to successfully apply for continuation funding from another funder, enabling London Play to extend the reach of play streets across the capital, targeting more boroughs, including areas of intense deprivation.

Services delivered:

Fundraising strategy

Funding bids revenue and core

 Fundraising training


 Business planning

Theory of change

 Social enterprise setup advice

“The support from A5cend with our Reaching Communities application was really thorough. They helped us focus and reflect on what we wanted to achieve. Rather than automatically going for just another pot of funding, A5cend helped us to really consider what we wanted to do and why, and then find the right funding to fit with this.”

“A5cend helped to shape our rough ideas into something precise and compelling. They are really good at seeing a project’s value. They were able to ‘extract the gold’ from our initial project then helped us develop a continuation project that built on those strengths and demonstrated progression.”

The long-term impact

The reach of the two play street projects has been incredible, extending across almost every borough in London. London Play is now positioned as the prime agency to deliver play streets, and its track record means it has been able to get other commissions from a number of councils, including Enfield, Lewisham, Hounslow and Bromley. It also led to the Mayor of London pointing Transport for London (TfL) to London Play to help deliver its Car Free Day initiative.

“Our experience of working with A5cend has also enabled us to sharpen up other funding applications that we do ourselves, because we now know what standard we should be working towards.”