S Pinter Youth Project

S Pinter Youth Project

Impact mesurement systems for S. Pinter Youth Project

What’s the S Pinter Youth Project?

The S Pinter Youth Project (SPYP) is a user-led charity that runs out-of-school activities for children and young people, particularly but not exclusively for Orthodox Jewish and disadvantaged children and young people in London (Hackney and Haringey). It offers a welcoming, safe and happy place for children and young people to play, explore and learn, regardless of age or ability.

Their need

In 2016, SPYP wanted to apply to for a particular fund to continue expanding its Magic Moments Lifestyles Club project, an after-school programme for children and young people, which provides homework and SATs support as well as a range of activities, trips and events self-selected by participants. The grant application process had become very competitive and required a lot of supporting research and data, which SPYP had neither the time nor the experience to collect on their own, so they appointed A5cend to help with the application.

A5cend’s support

The application submitted by A5cend was successful, and in 2017 SPYP contracted A5cend to work with them to co-design, plan and conduct an ongoing evaluation of the project. As part of this, A5cend helped to improve their data collection systems and built a database to manage the data more effectively and efficiently. A5cend also produced end-of-year evaluation reports, which SPYP shared with funders to showcase what the project has achieved.

Services delivered:

 Funding bids revenue


 Evaluation training

“A5cend helped us apply to Reaching Communities and did a great job. The A5cend staff were very knowledgeable about what Reaching Communities wanted to hear, so were very good at ensuring we collected the right information. They collected a lot of data from our local communities and the application was very informative.”

“Through working with A5cend our questionnaires have improved. We’ve got better at asking the right questions to help us see if we’re achieving the desired outcomes and outputs. A5cend also produced a very workable and user-friendly database, which we’ve found to be an excellent tool to collect data.”

A new funding partnership

Reaching Communities were very happy to hear that SPYP had appointed an external party to assist with monitoring and evaluating their project, because they felt it improves the quality of the evaluation and offers a more objective perspective.

“Both Reaching Communities and other funders were happy that we were using external evaluators. It also makes us more professional, which will hopefully help us to get better funding and resources in future.”

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