Young Urban Arts Foundation

Young Urban Arts Foundation – Opening doors to funding opportunity

What do Young Urban Arts Foundation (YUAF) do?

Young Urban Art Foundation’s mission is to empower the lives of young people by strengthening mental well-being through creativity, ensuring every young person is seen, heard & celebrated.

Their charities’ programs are designed around prevention and built to drive creativity, such as their multimedia bus workshops, which they take into communities, as a safe and exciting space to inspire and build confidence. They also take facilitators to schools, community centres and youth hubs. Working with partners, they provide young people with opportunities to gain further training or work experience, allowing them to build a long-term rapport and support system.

“There is a lot more involved in writing a bid than I initially knew. Working with A5cend has helped me more thoroughly plan our programmes as well as tighten up our evaluations. I’ve learnt how to develop more realistic outputs and have a much better understanding of how the big funders work. It’s been really educational”

Before A5CEND got involved

YUAF was founded in 2014. Before commissioning A5CEND to help carry out trust and foundation fundraising and evaluation, the organisation was in a financially unstable position. Struggling to win any big grants, they relied heavily on commissioned work. It was in 2018 that YUAF were referred to us through another client.

How A5CEND supported YUAF’s development

A5cend helped YUAF to develop a trusts and foundation fundraising strategy and then apply for new project funding alongside core funding for larger grants.

This increase in grant income has helped the organisation to lever in additional sponsorship and commissions and grow their team whilst raising their profile.

A5cend is now supporting them to access more arts funding, capital funding for a new outreach music bus and carrying out research into their online work with young people during the pandemic.

Services delivered:


Fundraising strategy

Funding bids revenue and core

Pandemic Fundraising