Major Giving Fundraising

Photo by Kyle Hinkson on Unsplash

Would you like to receive major gifts from donors? But perhaps don’t know where to start or how to close the deal?

Our ‘Guide To Major Giving’ will help your organisation unlock the potential of major gift fundraising. This self-learning tool alongside the support of a major giving mentor will help you to develop a strategy and put this into practice.

How we can support you:

Major Giving Resource Pack: access to our ‘Guide to Major Giving’ plus follow-up mentoring – £900 + vat

We will send you a digital copy of our self-help ‘Guide to Major Giving. This introduce you to the key stages of securing major gifts. It aims to help you understand what a major gift is, whether you are ready to solicit one and how to build a successful case for support.

The guide is based around four key strands: finding suitable major donors, communicating with potential donors, engaging prospects, and making the ask. It also includes a number of useful templates: Case for Support, Major Donor Profile, and Gift Agreement.

The mentoring support will be tailored to your level of experience, whether you are new to major donors, or want to brush up/hone your skills.

Once you have read this, our major giving expert, Jane Robinson, will provide follow-up mentoring support: a 1-hour phone call to talk through the guide and your subsequent major donor strategy; written guidance/advice based on the phone conversation (1 hour); a half-hour follow-up call and email 8 weeks later to check how you are getting on and provide further advice.

NB: This mentoring support will not include identifying potential donors or making contact with any potential donors on your behalf. This must be the responsibility of your organisation. However, Jane will be able to help you decide whether you are ready to solicit a major gift, identify suitable types of donors and then help you formulate a clear strategy, as well as providing a sounding board and offering pertinent advice and signposting.

Additional mentoring support is available if required at £400 day + vat

Our Major Giving expert, Jane Robinson, can provide additional mentoring to support you as necessary, e.g. helping you cultivate donor relationships, troubleshooting and supporting you to unblock issues.

Additional mentoring will be based around your specific needs, but could broadly support you with the following key areas:

  1. Organisational readiness
  • What do you want from a major donor programme?
  • How will it work with/complement your existing giving programmes?
  • Why now?
  1. Developing (or enhancing) a major donor programme
  • Defining a major gift for your organisation
  • Identifying the big idea
  • Structuring a major donor campaign
  • Allocating resource
  • Values and ethics
  • Managing expectations
  1. Working with donors/prospects
  • Preparing your ‘elevator pitch’
  • Moving them along the journey
  • Anticipating challenges and identifying solutions
  • Rehearsing the first meeting
  • Closing the deal
  • Fulfilment and stewardship

There will be scope to talk about specific donors and work on individual cultivation plans, if that is desirable. However, it will be the responsibility of your organisation, not the consultant, to deliver the work.


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